Natal, Obstetrics and Gynecology Clinic, has been operating under this name at the address: Gospodar Jovanova 19 in Belgrade since 2000. Our practice provides for full clinical services in domain of Gynecology and Obstetrics.

We provide: gynecological examinations, ultrasound examinations, smear analyses and following interventions:

• Cervical Biopsy

• Explorative Curettage

• Condyloma removal

• Pregnancy termination

We also provide for ultrasound examinations of breasts, abdominal area, thyroid gland and hips for babies in cooperation with our consultants. Gynecology Clinic is staffed with 2 nurses who are very well educated and can instruct patients about most of the problems they might encounter during the absence of the doctor.

As for equipment, we have an ultrasound, two gynecological examination tables, Anesthetic, electrocautery, radio-knife, hood, defibrillator and other equipment needed to provide services adequately. The new ultrasound allows for more detailed and more reliable examinations (better resolution, more sophisticated probes...)





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